pebi project

• In the year 2007, African Footprint International established Footprint Child Development Center in a little village called Pebi.  This village had no school within the community.  Pebi is located in The Central Region nearby Saltpond, 100 kilometers from Accra. It is a small fishing village with approximately 600 inhabitants.  Majority of the inhabitants  in Pebi are Eves and are coming from the Volta region.  Unfortunately the Pebi community have limited access to basic services normally delivered by the state like education, health and electricity.  This situation casuedAfrican Footprint to start the community development project

Footprint Child Development Centre

• There are currently 60 children and 3 teachers at the school.
• A feeding program was started in 2009 to ensure the children one nutritious meal a day.
• There is a school farm to make the feeding program more sustainable.
• Volunteers and students come from Denmark to help out at the school.
• In cooperation with African Footprint Denmark access to a state electricity program has been possible, to ensure electricity in Pebi.

• A program concerning solar energy is in process.

Kuntu project

• In the beginning of 2011 social work students from Denmark did a field study about the need of a health clinic in the area around Kuntu and Pebi.
• They found that up to 25.000 people did not have access to basic health service offered by the government.
• In cooperation with African Footprint International, African Footprint Denmark, FOEB, The chief of Kuntu and the locals’ plans were made to establish a health clinic in Kuntu.
• In September 2011 building of the health clinic began.
• When construction of the clinic has finished it is meant to be handed over to the government, who will send staff for the clinic.
• Practical placement for Social Work students, Nurse students and Health & Nutrition students are welcome

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Greenhill Project

Greenhill project is a term for the Administration of all projects in Ghana.  Greenhill is where the head office is.  It manages Volunteers, professional students on practical placement abroad and all other projects under Footprint as well as the listed projects below:

. Guest student programs - music, dance, drumming, history, band playing etc.
• Cultural dancing and drumming
• New Circus
• Footprint Football Acadamy
. leadership Training/courses

Footprint has a branch in Burkina Faso and working on a branch in Tanzania. 

It has also a footprint in other countries like