(i) Volunteer Works

• Volunteers placement in and outside Ghana
• Professional advice and counselling as well as administration of volunteers in Ghana and Africa

(ii) Students Practical Placement Abroad

• Placement of students on practice abroad. The pedagogical students doing their final practical placement abroad - in Ghana and other places in Africa.
• Placement of Social Work Student, Nurses and others on practical placement abroad – Ghana and other places abroad.
• Professional counselling and administration of students on exchange program abroad.

(iii) Exchange Programs

• Exchange programs for schools and individual students. This will send students and schools to Ghana and other places in Africa for musical exchange program as well as other educative activities.
• Exchange programs for both young, old and couples. This will focus on relaxing and doing something of one’s own interest in Ghana.

(iv) Sporting Activities/workshops

• Organising and offering sporting activities and workshops for non professional to professional standards.
• Organising artistic sporting activities: e.g. where boxers, wrestlers etc will showcase their skills in a performance after their workshops for audience as a performance.

(v) Music/dance workshops/programs

• Offering workshops and training in modern, break and contemporary African dance
• Workshops and training in African drums and other African instruments.
• Offering music, dance and singing workshops packages for colleges (højskoler), schools and conservatories as well as other interested institutions.
• Organising workshops and programs on preparing students and participants to enter formal education.
• European & African handicrafts – African instruments (possibility of ordering special drums and instruments)

(vi) Performances and Musical tours

• Offering performances on big stages, small stages and other platforms
• Organising musical shows and other related programs.
• Touring with performance and musical groups