African Footprint Legends is a Non Profit Organization that is reaching out to bridge the gaps between people and cultures through Arts, performances, Sports, social events and other related projects.

African Footprint Legends has been in many places abroad with African Footprint International offering workshops and performances to institutions like Conservatorium van Amsterdam, The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus – Denmark and re-known schools like Performers House, Den Rytmiske Højskole and other colleges (højskoler) and schools in Europe.

African Footprint Legends has over the years gained experience in working with deaf people and other challenged persons in various kinds of arts – drumming and dancing workshops as well as performances.

African Footprint Legends is sponsor for the member association African Footprint International, Ghana and Burkina Faso. The sponsorship shall enable the association to achieve its aims and objectives. Please check the website of African Footprint International, Ghana:

African Footprint Legends. is very unique because we are Afro beat band or African contemporary music and dance group or both. We always use our stages to refresh our audience through the energy we give during our shows . We give workshops to professional music students and beginners. Our shows are dynamic and has some new musical directions and dance elements that enables our fans to partake in our performances as well as getting all the focuses and attention to us throughout our performance.


To bridge gaps between people and cultures through arts, performances, sports and social events.

Samuel Kweku Addison - Director

Even when you know it, Life will still test you. And even when your love fit, It still puzzles you Don’t stop, you don’t stop. Keep on moving, you keep on trying down to the Least, can be your coming up. That’s where, you have the starting. When the day turns to night, it just comes in to break the spell For your light to come in in the morning its always your choice that puts you on and your moves that leaves Footprints You can turn your history alive and make life re-write and also edit your past if only you move on. Its all about Moving on... ...and the journey begins - crossing over...

Using our special ways to bridge gaps

Footprint is very special. Through music and sounds we have caused the sun to shine on dreams of many people enabling them to experience it with feelings, have lightened the darkness in needy heart, bridged gaps of people and networked them for destiny to came through. These and our developmental jobs are case study of what music is and what it gives. Footprint is using music as an Aid to life and for development. We are using music to assemble people and thereafter feast on the joy, good news, ideas and the love it gives. Read more... You cant afford to let go, the powers in our music and dance where one beat synchronizes with one heart beat to help direct your moves on the beat Moving on makes Footprints, and that makes your story to overcome and be told. ....and you will cross over with a story to tell.

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Hungary Contact: Laszlo Gal -                 

Burkina Faso : Coordinator - Ali Diarra & Sabina


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: African Footprint Legends has the capacity in administrating and monitoring activities, projects, volunteers, financing and organizational work. Projects vary from Footprint Child Development Centre in Pebi, Sewing Centre, Football Academy, Music Academy, Guest Students Programme and Leadership courses

TOUR MANAGEMENT: From the year 2002 to date, African Footprint has been organizing 3-months long tours for AF international abroad within each year. Not less than 350 international concerts, performances and workshops has been achieved.

INTERNATIONAL VISITS : African Footprint has the capacity to receive and manage large group of guests. Examples: 45 students from Performers House - Denmark, 15 students from Conservatorium Van Amsterdam - Holland, 15 students from The Royal Academy of Music, Århus - Denmark GLOMUS musical camp for 15 different countries, about 100 professional musicians in April 2011 and many more.

International Performances: The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy, U.K, Hungary, Germany etc.

International Workshops: Taught in Deaf and hearing institutions, schools etc. in Ghana, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy, U.K, Hungary, Sweden, India, Australia, U.S.A, Israel, Belgium, Norway etc.

Donations Made: Computers, printers, tables & chairs, clothes, hospital equipment and other items to Primary, Junior & Senior Secondary schools, hospitals and offices in Cape Coast.

Awards and Trophies: Aalborg Battle of Carnivals - Denmark 2007 and Altonale Spass parade in Hambourg, Germany June 2007 & 2010.

Performed in Roskilde Festival in July 2007 with Akron Family from U.S.A and again in July 2009.

Trained and Developed Talents, both Local & International: In Music, Dance, Drumming, Leather works and youth leadership

Albums Produced: - Akwaba 2006 and Journey 2009 + 1 DVD music and dance album 2009 (yet to be released)

Dance Productions: The Power of the drum’ (2006), ‘Tension and resolution’ (2007), ‘Green Hill’ (2008) and ‘The Freedom Drum’ (2010).

(All the merits above was achieved with the Legends and the International - Ghana)